Project History

The Pitzer Multi-Species Commons is the outcome of a year and a half collaboration between Pitzer Students and the ecological design collective SPURSE (2013 - 2015). This was initiated by the Art + Environment Working Group and supported by a Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant.

Project Support

The primary design work was done as part of the class ART180PZ: Design Ecology and the Commons: Co-composing our Urban Environments which SPURSE taught in the spring of 2014. The students who participated were:

  • Claire Bartlett
  • Adin Bonapart
  • Amanda Change
  • Karina Faulstich
  • Marie Fleming
  • David Gunnison-Wiseman
  • Emily Marantz
  • Vivian Ponte-Fritz
  • Neeka Salmasi
  • Leonard Schloer
  • Nicholas Weaver-Weinberg

This was done in close consultation, great insight, and remarkable support of:

  • The President’s Cabinet, especially Dean of Faculty Muriel Poston and Dean of Students Brian Carlisle
  • The Campus Aesthetics Committee
  • The Art Field Group
  • Katie Purvis-Roberts
  • Paul Faulstich
  • Susan Warmbrunn
  • Anna Chang
  • Mark Bailey
  • Joe Dickson
  • Joe Clements
  • Laurie Babcock
  • Nicolas Galindo
  • Larry Burik
  • Zenia Gutierrez
  • Jesse Meisler-Abramson
  • Mark Crawbuck

Others off campus provided support:

  • Ron Mittino, Sustainable Claremont
  • SUNY New Paltz
  • Krammer’s Masonry
  • Sampson Graphics
  • Claremont Craft Ales
  • O.F. Wolfinbarger Landscaping
  • Quinn CAT Equipment Rentals

We have to thank the Art + Environment Working Group for their vision in beginning this process and supporting it at every step of the way.

All that is newly born into the world requires an alchemical mix of careful stewardship, diligent labor and just a bit of risk -- Tim Berg personifies these qualities and his generosity, patience and advocacy inspired us to reach beyond our limits. None of this would have been possible without his vision, stewardship and hard work. Thank you Tim.

The physical parts of the project were built with a remarkable team of volunteers:

  • Charmy Adesara
  • Charlotte Buck
  • Gaurang Jadia
  • Rori Knudtson
  • Emily Marantz (Pitzer ‘14)
  • Jaun Prieto
  • Hannah Yarrowsky (Pitzer ‘15)


  • Nathaniel Corum
  • Brian DeRosia
  • Matthew Friday
  • Patrick Gillespie
  • David Jensenius
  • Iain Kerr
  • Petia Morozov
  • Jean Pike
  • Stan Pipkin
  • Martha Farwell Pipkin

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